Stupid Does, Stupid Is!

when my son was 4 Years old, one of my husband’s cousins who lives in Canada asked if my son would be the Ringbearer at her wedding. We were thrilled and told her It’ll be our pleasure. we began to make plans to go to the wedding. My mother in law who lived in California was going to the wedding too. before we finalized our plans. My husband asked if we can all, him, me, our son, and his mom, would stay in one hotel room. I was shocked to hear his request and said “no”. there was no way that I would stay in one room with my husband and mother in law. My husband’s request wasn’t because we didn’t have the money, it was purely out of thriftiness. He is so tight with money that he’s willing to go that low to save a one night on two nights stay at the most at a simple hotel in Canada. He seemed to agree with me on that subject but before Long, I started hearing from him that our business is in trouble and some employees are planning to walk out but he doesn’t know when. He Later told me that He is going to cancel our Canada trip because he needs to stay and monitor our business. He was almost sure the planned walkout was going to happen the same weekend we had planned to be in Canada. I, being the stupid, & good wife, offered to stay in town and monitor this “supposed” troubled situation at our business, so he and our son can go enjoy the wedding. Even though I wasn’t going to be there to see my son be the ringbearer, at least I let my husband enjoy watching him and be there with him. He resisted at first but because I kept insisting, he gave in and went with my son, met his mom there, stayed in one bedroom, enjoyed the wedding and while I stayed behind to be at the business that was trouble free and went on without a Hitch. incident

Now Looking back at this! and many other events like this, I know I was deceived by him. He wanted a Less costly trip, wanted to stay in one room with his mom, played me like the fool  that I am, and I gave the whole thing to him on a silver platter. It doesn’t matter to him one bit if I see my son being a ringbearer at the age of 4 at a cousin’s wedding. Everything to him is how he can benefit, push me away, and get attention.

Doing all this was no big deal to my husband, it wasn’t, in his mind, a good gesture that he needed to thank me for. I didn’t even get a picture of my son at the wedding, when he came home, and I asked how everything went, he started complaining about everything and how he wished he never went and how the whole thing was just a waste of money.

As for the Business in question, and I’m just demonstrating here the extent of my stupidity, My husband only watched that business on the weekends. He had another job that kept him traveling the rest of the week, he only was there a couple of hours on Saturdays and not even that long on Sundays. He had managers who took care of the place all the time. That whole story that he cooked up and I ate with all my being, was just a mean spirited plot that shows how awful he is, and stupid, I am.

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