4/2/08 – Began to Open up to People

Yesterday, I went to My cousin’s house. her and her husband have been close to us and her husband has been close to my husband. I opened up and told them about my husband. they were shocked to hear about my husband behaviors and how he’s been treating me. my cousin is husband kept saying this is so unbelievable. He said my husband does not exhibit any of these behaviors in public and he is very disappointed in him. He told me he’s always considered my husband as his by auger brother and now he is very unhappy with his behaviors. the love of money f. on my husband’s poet and how he wants to control me & is not what he expected from my husband.

Last week when my son and I were talking about this subject and how my husband treats me, my son told me may be dad is this way because his parents treated him this way I told my son that I only blame myself for how his dad treats me. I tried to Live and lead by example, so I turned the other cheek, figuratively, every time he slapped me on one. He got in the hobbit of slapping me and I turn the other cheek. He slaps and I forgive, turn and give the other cheek.

Him being bad to the core person helped him take advantage of me and get more control, yet never stop to see what he was doing to our relationship and our lives. Now when I have decided that I could not go on any more like this, he is simply stunned. He cannot admit to himself that he’s done anything wrong. Since he is incapable of smoothing things up and talk about the problems that got us to this point. This last fight happened the day after his Mon Left which was on March 6th. today is April 2nd and he has not bothered to lift a finger to help the situation. Easter came and left out he is quiet. making no effort to talk to me.

When I left my cousin’s house last night, my son called me to say that his dad had talked to him and told him that he wants us to go out of town for the weekend. My son also told me that he thinks his dad wants to work on this problem and he’s willing to talk, or more accurately, to listen, my son said “I told dad that means that you allow mom to talk and you talk with me in the room, too ok? and dad said yes”

It Broke My heart that my son was Calling me to deliver “Good News”.  He wanted to make me happy by telling me that his dad is willing to talk oral discuss the problem. All I could do to stop from crying now white writing this and especially last night when I felt his anguish and was elated to deliver this news to me.

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