He told everyone he talked to, that he Paid for my insurance

I want to pose this question to any and all people out there; when you have conversations with people, does the subject of who in your family pays for your health insurance repeatedly comes up? It seems that it does every time my husband is talking with people. He always says, so and so was surprised that I pay for your insurance, or so and so said that he does not pay for his wife’s insurance. I know for a fact that he is the one who always opens this subject up. The fact that he pays for my health insurance irritates him so much that he keeps talking about it. You see, my husband is very smart and calculating, but he is dumb as a doorknob at the same time.

He is smart in the fact that he has for over 30 years now, he’s been planning and working on taking all the money we’ve both made and put hid them where I could never get any of it in case we divorce. He has done that methodically and deceivably by opening so many business entities and each owns percentage of the other. All comingled to show complicated web of money laundering operations to deceive me and if I file for divorce, any lawyer I hire.

At the same time, he his dumb in the fact that every time he moves to tackle the next scheme, that subject comes up in his conversations constantly. For example, the fact that my health insurance is paid for by him through his work, eats him up and he cannot stand that he actually pays for anything that benefits me. For that reason, this subject comes up in his conversations whether the conversation is about healthcare insurance or not. He brought it up when I told him I don’t want us to borrow any more money on the house, he brought it up when he had a casual conversation with my brother, he brought it up when my son brought both us to talk about our troubles few years back, and now this subjects seems to come up all the time.

As smart as he is, he is dumb that he cannot hide his ulterior motive to bring the subject up and for people who knew him well, ME, I know what he is planning to do. If dumping me from his insurance was easy he would’ve done it a long time ago and he would’ve never brought this subject up. The fact that insurances offers a single person option, and a family option irritates the hell out of him. He cannot offer insurance to our son without him covering me too which is why this irritates him and the exact reason why he keeps bringing this subject up.

This man hates me so much that even the fact there is no cost reduction offered to him if he does not cover my insurance, it still kills him to know he is spending a penny on me, HIS WIFE.

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