He went into another rage when I told him I will not sign to borrow more money on the house

Even though my husband and I have been working and making a good living, he still wants to borrow money whenever we we need to spend money on anything we both own. After a while, it was very obvious that he only wanted to sink my side in debts. What I mean by that is that anything we co-own; house, business, etc. he borrowed money against it to deplete it from any equity. On the other hand, if he own anything by himself, business, etc. he pays for it in full. He once bought a business from my family and did not add my name to it, which was strange and I asked him repeatedly to do so but he refused. The reason he did not want to add my name, and I did not know that at the time, was that he could sell and keep the profit to to himself.

You see, my husband has literally taken all our cash that we’ve ever made and hid it. He spends as little as possible, and whatever he spend he always tries to take from me to spend. So when he sold the business and made few hundreds of thousands of dollars, he kept it and hid it in one of his accounts, or a safety deposit box to keep away from me when either one of us files for divorce. He really didn’t want to file for divorce; he enjoyed life as I provide to him especially when all I get in return is anger and rage, which really means in his world that he doesn’t have to do anything back for me as my husband.

So few years back, after I found out that he has borrowed more money on our house than the original purchase price, this is after he had promised me that he would have the house all paid for by that time, I refused to borrow even more money to remodel our kitchen. When he came to me and asked me to sign for yet more loans on the house, something I always did up until that time, I said no. I told him that I do not want to borrow anymore money on the house. He then told me to pay for the kitchen renovations while he knew very well that I do not have the money (remember he takes all my money, salary, expenses, and all), I told that not only I do not have the money but I had already given him all my money.

I told him this while I was standing on the main floor and he was halfway going upstairs. When I told him I have given him all money which is all true but he never wants to admit to it (In case you’re wondering why; so he won’t have to give back), he raged and loudly started screaming at me ” YOU GAVE ME ZILCH, YOU GAVE ME NOTHING”. When I saw him coming downstairs in my direction, I began walking away. He kept coming my direction and was raging and talking very loud saying things like he gave me everything including “Health Insurance” that was always on his mind.

I kept walking out, went to the garage and got in my car and started leaving while the angry raging man was still shouting things my way about how dare me remind him that I had contributed to our life an dour success. When I was walking out, I felt like I was in a war zone and the incoming bombs were coming my way and I had to take cover. I left and by the time I went back home, we were still on not speaking terms as we have been for the past 10 or 15 years.

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