At his Mother’s memorial service, he took his visiting family members and went to see a female friend, without me

My mother in law passed away 3 years ago. We went to her hometown for the funeral services. A month later, my husband wanted to have a memorial service in her honor for the people here in our town to pay their respects. My husband has 3 siblings but he is on speaking terms with just one. The one sister who is on good terms with him and her husband came as well as his uncle’s wife, and cousin.

The first day after they arrived, he took them out before I went home from work. When I went home and did not see anyone, I went to the restaurant where our son was working as a bartender. I ran into my husband and all of our out of town guests. I greeted them and talked with them all for a while and was having a good time, when suddenly my husband told everyone, except me, come on let’s go and they all started to leave, without me. My son asked his dad, where are you going? My husband replied “To a friend’s house”.

I stood there in shock. Why would he do this? why would he humiliate me like this in front of his family and my son? When they left, I told my son, if they are going where I think they are going, I will not attend the memorial service the following day.

My husband has made new “friends” a couple who he’s been spending a lot of time with, especially the woman. He’s been going there daily and spending hours with them but he’s having friendlier relation with the wife. He’s been texting back and forth more than many times a day. I knew during all these conversations with her, he’s trying to get her to be close to him by telling her how “unloved he is” That’s always his way of finding friends. He is never unloved, especially not be me, our son, or all my side of the family. Its true that he grew up unloved by his own family, but never by me and mine. His relationship with this woman has become very suspicious.

My son called his dad and told him, not to go to this lady’s house because if they did, all the people who’re going to attend the memorial service the following day will notice that his wife is missing. My husband told my son that they’re not going to go there.

They really did not go there that night, but they did the following night, after the services. This is how my husband deals with everything. Its not about right and wrong, it is all about doing what he wants at all costs. This bully, self centered, aggressive character not only hurt me and our son, but it hurt him too. Ultimately, he will be alone and truly “unloved”.

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