When I peeled boiled eggs, I was not allowed to throw the peels in the trash

Few years back, I was peeling boiled eggs for breakfast. I had a plastic bag opened on the counter to keep the peels before I throw the bag in the trash. My husband came in the kitchen and sat at the table and we were talking about general things. He saw that I was planning on throwing the egg peels in the trash and he told me not to do that. He said throw the egg peels in the garbage disposal. He explained that the peels sharpens the blades of the disposal. I dismissed his comment and kept doing what I was doing. I have never heard of such a thing and thought there is no harm in throwing the peels in the trash. So As I kept doing what I was doing before he came to the kitchen, to fix breakfast.

After a short minute, he repeated himself and told me that I should throw the peels in the garbage disposal. I asked him, why would he want me to do that? and he said because it sharpens the blades of the garbage disposal. He explained to me that it is actually a good thing to do for the garbage disposal, plus we’ll have less waste. I felt that now that he had a reason for this request, I should do it. I got all the egg peels and dumped them in the garbage disposal and ran the disposal.

This disposal was newly installed, less than a month’s old and it was supposed to be the toughest strength. When I turned on the power for the disposal, it started to work at first but then it regurgitated everything back into the sink with lots of water and it stopped working. The sink was full of what looked like a vomit and was not allowing any water to flow through the pipe. I couldn’t continue working from that sink, had to go to the guest bathroom to continue working and wash the dishes after we were done.

When he saw the mess, he was mad at me for clogging the sink. He told me that we’re now going to hire a plumber to fix this. When I told him that I did what he insisted I do, he again through all this back at me that he only meant to put one egg peel in the garbage disposal, not all five eggs.

That day started out normal but ended up a big mess. Actually the whole week was messy and extra work for me but I don’t it was really bad because he did not blow up in my face and ended up crying like I usually do.

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