He executed his plan and I executed mine

When I married my husband, I married him because I loved him and saw a great future together with him. He, on the other hand, married me because I belonged to a well to do family, was a working professional, and doubled his salary the day we wed. He lied to marry me and I believed his lies.

I married him and believed everything he said. I believed giving him control of the finances was for a better future together. I trusted he is the sole signature authority of our checking and saving accounts. I didn’t care if I did not know the whereabouts of anything related to our accounts, safety deposit box, or important documents. He did everything he could to make it all sound like it is for a better tomorrow for both of us and ate all that up.

Over time, I realized that the only person he wanted to live better was him and only him. If he wanted both of us to live well, he would’ve giving me the needed money for basic necessaries like Dr, co-pays, and gas money. He wouldn’t allow the power or water to be turned off when he was out of town and me and our son are at home, or he wouldn’t yell and scream every time I ask him if he has paid our son’e school tuition.

The man a married had a plan, which was to take every penny I made and hide it. He took all my possessions even my jewelry that I owned before we got married and hid it from me. His plan was to make money and get rich and then throw me to the dogs if needs me. Over the years, he became more and more possessive, controlling and very aggressive if the subject of money every came up. He complained when he paid our taxes until he separated our taxes, and he started complaining because he was paying for my health insurance. He complained about my insurance to everyone one he could complain to. No other person who makes more that $200,000 per year brings this subject up and whine to people that he pays for his wife’s insurance except my husband. His plan was to make money off of me, and as long he he was making money off of he was okay. As soon as I stopped paying him my salary, he began the plan to kick me off his insurance. I knew he wanted to kick me out of the insurance as soon as he turned 65 and get medicare. After all these years, I knew who he was and knew what he was up to.

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