He Just cannot stop lying

Last summer my husband had to do a a heart catheterization procedure. He asked our son to take him to the hospital to do that procedure and then bring him back home. Before that day, my husband kept telling our son that the doctor suspects that there are possibly two stents. This news worried us. Normal procedures for the stents are if there are no stent inserted, the patient would be discharged as soon as the catheterization is completed. The patient would remain in the hospital for observations if there was an actual stent used during the catheterization procedure. My husband required no additional stay at the hospital so initial indications shows all is well. When my son went and picked him up and took him home, my son asked him so what did they do and my husband said that they inserted two stents which did not really add up. My son brought him home he laid down to rest from such an invasive procedure. The following day, after my always-lying-cannot-ever-tell-the-truth husband realized that this truth will come out, he then told our son the Dr called and told him they made a mistake, they did not insert any stent and that he is fine and was given a clean Bill of health. He was fine really, but saying that would cost him the sympathy attention that he believes it means love. That is the only kind of love he ever got growing up in a very dysfunctional family. He wanted people to feel sorry for him, to call and check on him which would’ve meant he is loved. Being loved for who he is, is not possible. He wanted to have blockage in his arteries so bad just to convince himself that he is loved.

Friends that he had befriended recently that he he did have that in his and nobody came to see him in the hospital he had two blockages in the day the doctor operated on him and nobody paid attention to him his son just dropped them off and went to pick them up like he was thrown away there was no nobody would take care of him and and his sister as well as these friends are crying that there that that that my husband has been treated so badly that nobody takes care of him nobody cares for him and he had two blockages and he had the catheterization to stands and we have not done nothing to take care of him when in fact it’s all lies it’s that’s how he is he menu for a manufactures these lies in his head he believes him and then he shares them with others and and have others believe him to

A few years ago when my son was in senior in high school they were seven families with their seven boys that went including us went on a cruise and it was a one week cruise and we all went we had the greatest time and when we came back I kept hearing from people that I know oh why didn’t you go with them why didn’t you go with them I was surprised to see to hear that from multiple sources only to find out that all the pictures that my husband had posted my son did not post any pictures on Facebook he was posting things between them on shared the snap chats or stuff like that between the kids and I didn’t post anything because my son had told me long time ago not to post things of him and just you know stay away from his life basically as far as pictures go

So my husband had been posting many many pictures but I was not part of any of those pictures and he made it look like from the story he was telling on Facebook that it was just him and his son so when I came back there a lot of people who are like why didn’t you go with them on the senior trip and I was I was shocked to hear that because I was I was just eliminated from the pictures but then every time I we we are out we are taking pictures of whatever gathering we have my house I hear my husband talk about how he gets eliminated from pictures he he is illuminated you know that he’s part of a group and he is in the picture but then when the pictures are posted he’s not part of the pictures when fuck this is what he does this since he reflects what he does on that other people are doing on him

About five years ago summer time we went to England to because my dad’s sub friend was turning 90 and we went to the birthday party and we all went there and I kept while we were there visiting with our friends and doing things I kept hearing people are talking with my husband and he would say to them #MIN and our son are going to the Netherlands when we leave here and I kept quiet because I didn’t hear anything about it before I did not know there was such plans and I’m so what time we were all sitting at a dinner when somebody ask him and he said yeah me and our son are going to the Netherlands in and they turned to me and said are you not going and I said no and I hear mice my husband right away saying

At the end of the trip when my parents were returning back to the United States I got on the plane and turned around and went back with them where is my husband and my son went to the Neverland on an extended vacation that I was not included in part of or a part of

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