Deny, Deny, and Deny

My husband is the master of deny deny deny everything all the time. For the last 30 years, every time I have confronted him anything that he did or said. All he does is denies it even when I present proofs, he just shrugs things off. Now I realize when he denies everything, it is not to convince me, instead, his brain does not allow him to understand that he had done something wrong. If he thinks he cannot do wrong, then there is no need to fix anything. My wife is crazy and I am the poor lad who married her, now I am stuck with this crazy lady, C’mon world, feel sorry for me.

I am where I am right now and the reason I am I’m divorcing him is because all the wrongs that he does are not comprehended by his tiny brain. Because he denies everything, he doesn’t see that he had done anything wrong and then he’ll want me to be specific in the solution. For example, he would say so if I opened the door for you, does that fix things? In the past, I’ve been no dumb about this and have said yes which he’ll do whatever I agreed to for a very short period of time, and then go back to his old ways.  He will then go back to doing the same thing over and over and over again because in his mind he just does it to defuse the problem and had nothing to do with starting it anyway. I am the crazy one and therefore he goes back to being himself to hurt, hurt and hurt me more.

He cannot see his effect on me or basically, he just does not care.

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