Cried in New Orleans too

Every time we went on any kind of trips together, my husband, always created something out of nothing and then made that trip miserable for me he would scream and yell at me for no reason at. He would just push and push and push until I break down and don’t know what to do and how to get out of it so it got to a point where I never wanted to go on any trips with him because I felt like there is no reason for us to be together anywhere. Any chance he gets to make my life miserable he did.

We went to New Orleans o see a friend of mine while our son was still a baby. We went to the hotel room and out of nothing and started pushing and pushing and started yelling at me and screaming and making me feel so awful and demeaned me and cussing me out too. I knew if I stay in the room with him, I couldn’t handle it so I left. I just wanted to get out just to go walk for a few minutes.

Apparently he had been loud enough to where the people in the next room heard him. When I got out and went to the elevator, the guy from that room followed me and got in the elevator with me and told me no one should be treated that way. He said that was awful what he heard and I should not allow anyone to talk to me like that. I was stiff, stared at the door, and was forcing myself not to cry. I didn’t know what to say.

Stayed silent until we got out of the elevator and just started walking and crying.

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