I was never introduced to any of his friends

He never takes me out to do anything just the two of us, but he always wants to go to anything I go to. My family has invited him to everything under the sun. They are very active socially and we always get invited to social or art events. When we go, I’m always introducing him to everyone and including him in all my conversations. He never does that. Few years ago, I asked my son to join me to attend a political event for a local representative. My son wanted to ask this representative to sponsor him to attend a military school. When I opened the subject in front of my husband, he jumped in and said “I want to go, I want to ask him for something related to my property”. My son immediately backed out because he knew it costs $500 to attend per person or couple. When 2 of us attend it cost $500 and if we add additional person, it will cost another $500. I could not tell my husband not to attend. After all, he wants to attend to get help for his business, and knowing how childish he is, I knew he’ll make my life hell if he didn’t. We went together, I reached out to the representative regarding my son, but my husband just stood there next to me. He did not say anything, nothing to the representative about his property, not even to reinforce my request to get help for our son. Few minutes later, we while were standing, he saw someone he knew, he just left me standing, walked few steps to that guy, and started a conversation with that guy for a while. He never introduced me to the guy or bothered to even tell me who that guy was when he came back. I asked him and he just said “just a friend”.

There has been many incidents like this over the years and I’ve always done what I think  a wife should do, but he’s never acted like my husband at all.

For the last few months, he’s been spending a lot of time out, coming home very late, and he’s been hanging around New people. One of the new “interests” my husband has been involved in, is the Opera. As always, I never get invited to any event he goes to, but tonight the invitation to the Opera dinner came from my parents. We went to a very nice, lavish dinner party at a very nice hotel. While there, many people would either stop to say hello to everyone, or they’ll go directly to my husband to give him a warm hello. One lady, who seems to be a very active lady with the opera, came to our table, gave my husband a hug and then turned to intoduce herself to me and said, “it’s so nice to meet you, why haven’t you come to any of the other events we’ve invited you to?”. In the past, I used to come up with an answer that would not hurt my husband’s feelings. I would say something like “I’ve really been working very late” or “things have just not worked out”. Today, however, I answered truthfully, “I was never invited”! She looked at my husband and he replied with the appropriate amount of charm and humor,  “do you believe that?” She smiled and moved on.

This is the man I am married to, a bad Evil man.

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