12 Signs To Spot An Evil Person

I saw this list yesterday and thought if these signs were to connect, a picture of my husband would appear:

Sign 1. Evil Would Twist the Truth

Sign 2. Evil Withholds Important Information

Sign 3. Evil Would lie All The Time

Sign 4. Evil Denies Reality – Lives in his or her own Reality

Sign 5. Evil Misleads Everyone

Sign 6. Evil Shows No Remorse

Sign 7. Avoids Responsibilities

Sign 8. Evil Manipulates

Sign 9. Evil Has Ulterior Motives

Sign 10. Evil Steals your Time

Sign 11. Evil Leads Multiple Lives

Sign 12. Evil is a control Freak

This is who I live with and No I have not left him. Its not because I like being abused or love this life that I am in, its because the people I will end up hurting in the process.


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