First time pregnant

After 8 years of trying to get pregnant, 5 years of intense trying. Going to the dr in the morning for ultrasound, and purchase the very expensive Medicine. Then wait by the phone by 3 pm to get the call of how many ampules of medicine to take by injection. Take the injection and go back to the dr in the morning to repeat the cycle. At a certain point of the monthly cycle, the dr direct us to take the ovulation injection and within 48 hours I should ovulate. We tried for few months to just do things the natural way, then we did three months of artificial insemination but nothing worked. Later the dr found out that I had endometriosis and performed laparoscopy on me and we continued with the medication, ultrasound, injection process for few months before we were told to take a six months break then come back to to the in vitro process. During those six months we decided to move to where the rest of my family lived. each of My 2 brothers had 3 kids and we can at least enjoy them before we either do the in-vitro or adopt. Within those 6 months and the very hard prayers everyone I knew did for me, we got pregnant. It was the most joyful and scary times of my life. I was so happy but very worried at the same time. We had not yet sold our house in Atlanta and we’re living in my parents basement. My husband stayed behind, kept his work in Atlanta until we sell the house. After I found out I was pregnant, he asked me to go one weekend to Atlanta to help him pack so I did. I don’t remember what happened before dinner but I do remember him picking a fight for no reason at all which was his normal ways of picking fights with me. All I remember is I was very tired and sitting in the living room crying. He came in, saw me crying, and that got him even angrier and began yelling at me and putting me down, saying things like how his life is so much worse now that he’s married to me, then he went up to our bedroom and locked me out all night long. I tried to go in, knocked on the door, he did not answer. I went back down and slept on the coach in the living room. The next day, I went up to the room, after he’d got up, changed, and cane down still ignoring me, I took a shower, changed and left. I cried while driving by myself for the next 3 hours until I got home. During those days, my life was so scrambled, I had no idea how to deal with these events. I’ve never encountered an abusive person like that in my life, have not heard about people like that, and I did not know how to react to these events when they occurred. My husband is a bully who does not know at any given time to deal with anyone, anyone at all, without the bully mentality. Everyone he deals with either he bullies, or he gives full authority to bully him. People don’t know that about him, I sure didn’t, so they think he’s a very nice and accommodating person. What they don’t know is, once he gets what he wants from them, he’ll either go away and never see them again, or becomes mean and nasty to them. He doesn’t know how to be on an equal status with anyone.

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