What to do here:

This site is for anyone whose personality is strong and helpful to others. It’s for anyone who is sought after for advice, recommendations, and a shoulder to cry on. A place for those that are always available for their families, friends, even stangers in need of help but who never allow themeselves the opportunity to express their own sadness, discuss their own dilemmas or seek advice from others for their own issues. Those who always put on a “happy face”.

This site is for anyone who has built a wall around themself for protection and self perservation and now cannot tear it down. For those crying out in silence to be heard, to be seen.

I want to share my feelings on this blog. I want to open up, to attempt to breakout and tear down the walls that keep my inner self hidden. I have chosen this venue; because, I cannot do so anywhere else.  I want this site to open the door for others, to find their voice. No judgements! No professional advice! This site is just for us, a safe place to share.

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