We went to our cousin’s out of town wedding

Few months ago, we went out of town to my cousin’s daughter’s wedding. My husband, as usually the case, waits form me to register at the hotel so I give them my credit card and he does not have to pay. The rest of my family and us were all staying at the same hotel which was across the street from the event hall. The hotel and the venue were very elegant and we all were having a great time being there.

The rooms at the hotel were suites; each has a living room with sofa bed, and 2 full beds in the bedroom. The bathroom has 2 doors one opens to the bedroom and the other to the living room. I took one of the beds, my husband want to take the sofa bed in the living room so my son took the other bed in the bedroom. Since I am a frequent urinator during the night, I got up the first time, and noticed the bedroom to the bathroom door was locked. This meant I had to get out of the bedroom to the living room and enter the bathroom from the living room to bathroom door. A couple of hours later, I got up again and noticed the door from the bedroom to the bathroom was locked again. and I had to take the same route to go the bathroom. The same thing happened the next time, and the next time. I was very frustrated because my husband is doing this on purpose being the rude conniving passive aggressive that he’s always been and I cannot do anything about it as usual unless I want to ruin the fun we’ve always gone to have.

When we went to the wedding, we were seated together, he made sure that our son sits next to him and kept taking pictures with our son alone and posting it on social media pretending that he an dour son have gone alone to the hall of fame venue that we were in, celebrating an event just the two of them with no mention whatsoever of anyone else at that event or the people he was there to celebrate. The whole trip was paid for by me and my side of the family including the wedding gift but non of his social media posts gives credit to anyone.

After the wedding, we walked to the hotel and went to our room, had the same sleeping arrangement. Again, I get up in the middle of the night, try to go to the bathroom only to find out the door from the bedroom to the bathroom is locked again. I wasn’t happy but did go through the living room door to go to the bathroom. The next time I got up, Again, the door was locked and that got me really unhappy, so when I went through the living room to go to the bathroom again, I locked that door behind me and never unlocked it again as I have done for the night before and this night. What I did after that, was taking this anger a step further, after I used the bathroom, I went back to the bedroom and then locked the door between the living room and the bedroom which made it impossible for him to use the bathroom unless he knocks on the bedroom door and ask me to open the bathroom door for him. I think I used the bathroom a couple of times after that before it was time to get up in the morning, get ready and go to breakfast. After I took a shower, I opened the living room door and did not see him or he belongings in the room. I thought he must’ve needed to go to the bathroom and did not want to ask me to open the door for him knowing what I’ll say to him, so he he went down to the hotel lobby, used the bathroom, then maybe got ready and dove back home. But when I went down to the breakfast area where the rest of the family were, he was sitting there with them talking, laughing, and having fun like nothing out of the ordinary happened.

This is my husband, he does these small things to hurt me, undermine me, put me down, make a mockery out of me in every way possible. but he does it in the most discreet passive way, that if I bring it up, it always surfaces in a way that I am being crazy, seeing things that do not exist, or blaming him for thing that he is not guilty of. He is a shroud two faced con artist that only he and I know that truth about him.

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