Even Though I thought I would not be afraid of him, he still scared me

When our son went to a college out of town, I started going to the gym in the morning and coming to work around 9 or 9:30 in the morning. My husband does not know what time I come to work. When I pulled in on April 15 2016, and his car pulled in right behind me, I knew he was following me. He got out of the car in his anger persona and walked up to my car where I had just got out of. I was taken by surprise, did not know what was happening. He was holding a stack of papers and pushed them on the car and told me to sign our taxes. I had no problem signing the taxes, but had no idea why was he walking and acting in an angry mood.

I looked at the tax return and noticed we’ve made close to a million dollars that year. Knowing that I never gotten a penny from that nor will I ever do, I just wanted to make a conversation and hopefully ease the tension a little. I said “Wow, we made this much money last year?” He immediately talked over me and said “I did. you need to work harder to make us some money, I do all the money making. Just sign the tax returns”. He talked in the voice that had always frightened me and it didn’t change at this time. I was scared of him. My body was shivering and my hand was shaking, and I signed it. He grabbed it in his angry attitude and waked real fast to his car, got in and drove away.

after he left, I felt like I’ve just been in a huge car crash. My whole body was shaking and numb. I walked in defeat inside the building and sat down in my office chair and started to cry. I don’t want any money from my husband. I work a lot and make good money that I am blessed to make and give to the needy and enjoy life with. I never asked him for money since I opened my own business that I started with 0 money from him, I had help from other family members but he paid nothin for me to start this business.

He knew I was going to notice the large amount of money we made last year. That money wasn’t because of his salary increase nor mine, it was because we had another business that we sold for a good profit. Him insulting me and telling me that I don’t make much money was just an attack in case I had the nerve to ask for my share of the money we made. It was a pre-emptive attack that he has no problem doing because he cares nothing about me, and cares a lot about the money he keeps.

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