He Spies on me all the Time

Not only that I felt I was living in the dungeon, I felt I was being spied on all the time. When we first were married, cell phones were not out yet. Whenever I received a call at home, he would pick the other receiver to listen to my conversations. I asked him to stop because people knew he was listening and that made me and my family and friends uncomfortable. That created huge fight and he began accusing me of doing things behind his back. It did not matter what I said, he was either going to listen and spy on me, or accuse me of hiding things from him.

He, on the other hand, had everything locked, his drawers, his computer, later on, his phone, even his mail went to a PO box, not to the house. I asked him several times to unlock his drawers or close his PO box, he either gave me lame excuses, or screamed and yelled as usual which the end results remains the same; he will not share anything with me.

Many of our arguments escalated to where we needed third parties to help us. On once of these occasions, we asked family members to help us. During that discussion, he agreed to close the PO box which made me happy. Few days later I asked if he has done that he said no, I asked again few days after that and he again said no. The next time I asked, he yelled and screamed again which stopped me from asking again.

That’s how he always won, his screaming, yelling, his anger drove him to jumping and violently moving his arms up and down which always and will always scares me to death. I never wanted to see that, and never will.

10 thoughts on “He Spies on me all the Time

  1. Hey, its none of my business..but he loves you.. he is just insecure. You need to make him believe that you are his completely.. it will take time but gradually he will understand. Understand his point of view. If still things dont change you can think about something..but it does change…

    Dear Mehwish, that was the only point of view I had. But its been 32 years and he is getting worse in his behavior and distrust with me. It’s not something that would change.

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